How to Get Salary Slip Online


If someone needs to get a salary slip online then one should have an account on PIFRA. By putting necessary information including CNIC, Employee name, DOB you can receive Payslip via email.

When we take a look at the past, the employee has many concerns about Payslip. But those days are no more. Govt. has launched a program PIFRA for the convenience of its employee. Everybody can receive its online payslip by using PIFRA.

But important point necessary to mention here is that only the Government Employee can get the Payslip. Private companies have their alternate system for this purpose. Employees can check details of their monthly salary on the company’s site. While some Employers have separate departments within their company to facilitate their employees.

This article will cover all those steps; by following them you can get your Payslip online. But before mentioning those steps, you should have an idea of its importance.

Significance of Payslip:

Payslip is an important legal document for any employee and can be used for multiple purposes. Name and salary, address of the employee is clearly mentioned above the payslip. Every information relevant to your monthly salary perks or deductions are printed over this. Employer might issue payslip either in printed form. But when it comes to getting the online salary slip, you can use PIFRA.

Apart from it, payslip is the legal proof that you are working in a Government Department. Similarly, if you apply for the loan from financial institutions, then you have to show your salary slip.

You need to keep records of your payslips, as you can come across many troubles in case of losing it. In that situation, if you are a Government Employee, you can get a copy of your salary slip from the online program PIFRA.

Steps of Getting the Payslip from PIFRA:

Follow these steps and get your salary slip in few minutes.

  • Right below there are two links, you can use your PC or mobile web browser to open any of these website links.
  1. https://fabs.gov.pk/
  2. http://m.pifra.gov.pk/salaryslip_emp#
  • If you have clicked the first link, then you will land on Fabs.gov.pk. Now, tap the services option located at the top, go to the salary slip from the list, and now the PIFRA salary slip page will be open.
  • Now you have to put all of the required details to proceed.
  • All of these are compulsory details except your phone no. You won’t be able to receive your payslip if any of the portions is unfilled with exact details.
  • First of all, enter the code issued by the Government at the top.
  • Now you have to put your Employee personnel number in the next box.
  • After that, enter your 13 digits CNIC number without adding the (-) sign between the numbers. And it is following by writing down your DOB.
  • For verifying all of the above-mentioned details click on the very last option written in Urdu language there.
  • Now, enter that of your current email address two times in the boxes, where you want to receive it.

Hopefully, now you have understood the easy steps required to get your salary slips. Payslips are of great importance for an employee. And it really helpful when it comes to the facilitation of an employee.


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