Telenor SMS Packages-Daily, Weekly & Monthly 2020

Telenor is one of the best mobile operator company in Pakistan in terms of providing cost-effective services to their customers. Telenor is not only making sure the quality of there services but they are considering there services to have less influence on the customer’s wallet. Following the trend of new generations, Telenor has introduced may Telenor SMS Packages because short-SMS are the trend. Days are gone when people used to talk for hours on the call. But the generation of today prefers SMS so here are the Telenpr SMS packages for you. The packages are divided into three categories daily, 3-day, weekly, and monthly SMS packages.

We understand that it is difficult to find these packages jumbled up on the company’s site so in order to facilitate our readers we have gathered different packages.

Telenor SMS Packages-Daily, Weekly & Monthly 2019

All the packages we present are updated with respect to the Telenor’s official website. The tables below includes package name, packages details, validity, activation code and price.

Telenor SMS Packages : Daily

Daily SMS packages are considered to be the best pick in emergency need of the hour. People who are looking forward to talk to their friends on weekends and other holidays subscribes these packages.

Below two daily SMS packages along with other incentives. However, Telenor Customers can choose any of the package of their need.
PackagePriceDetailActivation Code
Saat se Saat OfferRs. 8.50 incl.taxUnlimited on-net 7AM-7PM+20 MB+Unlimited SMS(talkshawk)Dial:*5*727#
Daily Messaging BundleRs. 2.5 incl.tax300 SMSDial: *2*2*1#

Telenor 3-Day SMS Packages

Daily Telenor SMS packages aren’t fulfilling your needs? Dont worry, you have other 4-Day options to choose from. Beow are the Telenor 3-Day SMS packages with other incentives. However, customers have two options to chose from.

The packages mentioned are two 3-Day SMS packages along with other incentives. These packages give you the ease for 3 days.

PackagePriceDetailActivation Code
3 Day Onnet OfferRs. 36 incl.tax250 on-net mint+500 SMS+15 MBsDial *730#
All in One OfferRs. 54.89 inlc.taxRs.75 Balance for Calls &SMS+500MBsDial *345*45#

Telenor 15 Days SMS Packages

15-Days packages are the best part of Telenor SMS packages. You don’t have to worry till the mid of the month. I personally love these packages because my SMS never get wasted.

Telenor prepaid users have 2 options for 15-Day SMS packages to choose according to there need.

PackagePriceDetailActivation Code
15 Day Messaging Bundle Rs. 41.83 3500 SMS, 200 MB Internet.Dial *2*2*5#
15 Day Economy SMS Bundle Rs 17 800 SMSDial: *345*112#

Telenor Weekly SMS Packages

Fed up of the subscribing package again and again? Don’t worry, Telenor has a solution for you people. Telenor Weekly SMS Packages give you ease for entire week as you don’t need to subscribe again and again within a week.
Below mentioned are two weekly SMS packages along with other incentives. These packages give you the ease for 7 days.
PackagePriceDetailActivation Code
Weekly Messaging Offer Rs. 11.94 12000 SMS, 100 MB WhatsApp.Dial *2*2*2#
Weekly SMS Bundle Rs 15.5 12000 SMSDial: *345*112#

Monthly SMS Packages

Telenor SMS packages monthly are the great relief for the customers. Feel sukoon for the whole 30 days. These monthly SMS packages includes not only SMS but also free whatsapp MBs. Telenor Customers can choose the package of their need which will give them relief for a whole one month.

PackagePriceDetailActivation Code
Monthly SMS BundleRs 47.8 6000 SMSDial: *345*363#
Monthly Messaging BundleRs 47.8 10,000 SMS+300 MBsDial *2*2*3#

Other SMS Packages

Moreover, other than daily, weekly and monthly SMS packages, Telenor also offers different packages and bundles to facilitate its customers more.

Have a look at them, maybe they will best suit your time and budget.

PackagePriceDetailActivation Code
SMS Bundle 200Rs. 200 incl.tax6000 SMS/monthDial:*345*763#
SMS Bundle 30Rs. 30 incl.tax250 SMS/monthDial *345*761#
SMS Bundle 60Rs. 60 incl.tax600 SMS/monthDial *345*762#
5 Day SMS Bundle Rs. 7 incl.tax300 SMSDial: *345*015#

Terms and Conditions

  • Dail *111# (Charges Rs. 0.24 ) to check Free SMS Balance after subscription
  • Free SMS can be used for ANY network in the country
  • This is a limited time offer.
  • Telenor reserves the right to change package details and charges at any time.
  • Telenor company can withdraw any call package any time.
  • The offer mechanics can be changed at any time.
  • All of the SMS packages mentioned above are inclusive of tax.

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