Warid Internet Packages – 3G/4G Daily, Weekly and Monthly (Updated 2020)

OOKLA has declared Warid as the fastest Internet services provider in Pakistan. This victory of warid built its reputation in the Telecom and Internet industry. Warid Internet packages are offered with daily, weekly and monthly subscriptions. We have divided these packages into tables for your ease.

Warid Daily Internet Packages

Warid Daily Internet packages not only includes the internet packages but also social media bundles. Users can buy their favourite packages from below

PackagesDetailPricesValidityActivation Code
Daily Social Package500MBs for Facebook and WhatsApp onlyPKR 71 DayDial *114*5#
Daily SMS + WhatsApp Bundle10MBs for WhatsApp only 1800 SMSPKR 7.21 DayDial *334#
Daily Social Recursive Package 200MB for Facebook & WhatsAppPKR 5.98 1 DayDial *455#
Daily Peak-Off-Peak 24 hours, 1100MB for (2:00 AM to 2:00 PM)PKR 241 Day Dial *117*4#
Daily Browser50MBPKR 11.951 DayDial *117*11#
Internet Hourly Extreme2000MBPKR 20.32Next 2 HoursDial *846#

Warid 3-Days Internet Packages

Daily packages are not enough for you? Don’t worry! warid is always ahead in facilitating their customers. You can subscriber any of the Warid 3-Day Internet Packages from below to be connected with the world

PackagesDetailPricesValidityActivation Code
3 Day Browser100 MBPKR 253 DayDial *117*1#
3 Day Extreme500 MBPKR 183 Day (Valid Only for 2AM to 2PM)Dial *114*14#

Warid Weekly Internet Packages

Initially, Warid was offering different packages separately for the customers using different networks such as 2G, 3G and 4G. But now the telecom network company has started offering hybrid packages that works on all the devices including 2G, 3G and 4G. Now, you do not have to find & subscribe the bundles that only work on selected devices.

Note: Warid is offering “Work From Home” bundle to it’s users who are stuck at home in lock down due to Covid-19. You can get the following:

10 GB DATA + Unlimited Warid Mins (8AM – 6PM). Recharge required: Rs.100

PackagesDetailPricesValidityActivation Code
Weekly Social5 GBs (24 Hours) IMO, WhatsApp & FacebookPKR 607 Days*660#
Weekly Youtube5 GBs Youtube Data PKR 807 Days*570#
Jazz Weekly Streamer1 GB Data PKR 957 Days*117*7#
Weekly Premium3 GBsPKR 147 7 Days*117*47#
Weekly Mega7 GBsPKR 2007 Days*159#
Weekly Mega PlusTotal 20 GB (10GBs Only from 2AM – 2PM Only)PKR 2507 Days*453#
Weekly-Extreme2500MB (Valid for 2:00 AM - 2:00 PM)PKR 71.77 DaysCode changed for now will update
Weekly Plus12GB (6GB from 2 AM – 2 PM Only)PKR 2107 DaysDial *157#

Warid Monthly Internet Packages

You want “sakoon for the whole month”? Have enough internet data/volume to keep you online for the whole month? These monthly Warid internet pckgs are for you

PackagesDetailPricesValidityActivation Code
Jazz Monthly Browser Package 4 GB (2GB 2 AM – 2 PM)PKR 21530 Day Dial *117*77#
Jazz Monthly Mega Package8 GB (4GB 2 AM – 2 PM)PKR 37530 Day Dial *117*31#
Jazz Monthly Mega Plus12 GB (6GB 2 AM – 2 PM)PKR 600 30 Day Dial *117*30#
Jazz Monthly Supreme Package20GB (10GB 2 AM – 2 PM)PKR 885 30 Day Dial *117*32#
Jazz Monthly Extreme Package 5000MBs (2AM-2PM) PKR 12030 Day Dial *117*34#

Warid 4G Data SIM Internet Packages

Are you looking for Warid internet sim packages in 2019? Here are all the internet packages that you can subscribe to and activate on your Warid internet devices.

PackagesDetailPricesValidityActivation Code
Monthly Internet Basic Package25GB (15GB 1am-9am) PKR 99930 DaysDial *117*71#
Monthly Internet Regular60GB (30GB 1am-9am)PKR 150030 DaysDial *117*73#
Monthly Internet Heavy150GB (75GB 1am-9am) PKR 2500 30 DaysDial *117*74#
Social6GB (Facebook & Whatspp Only) PKR 150 30 DaysDial *117*45#
Smart Monthly 4G Data SIM Package15GB (7.5 1AM - 9AM) PKR 600 30 DaysDial *117*35#
Monthly Internet Mega100GB (50 1AM - 9AM) PKR 2000 30 Days Dial *117*36#

Warid Postpaid Internet Packages – 4G

You are a Warid postpaid subscriber, these postpaid internet packages are for you. Here’s how to get them!

PackagesPriceDetailValidityActivation Code
Monthly Streamer PackagePKR 2502 GB 30 Day Dial *446#
Monthly Premium PackagePKR 5005 GB 30 Day Dial *446#
Monthly Supreme PackagePKR 80014 GB30 Day Dial *446#
Monthly Super PackagePKR 120024 GB30 Day Dial *446#
Monthly Ultimate PackagePKR 220050 GB30 Day Dial *446#

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